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Cleaning Tile Grout in Bathrooms in West Islip, NY

Cleaning Tile Grout in Bathrooms in West Islip, NY

One of the most common cleaning questions I get is- How can I get my tile grout clean? There are always so many fads going around using different chemicals and serums, but that best way I've found only requires about four dollars worth of materials and a little elbow  grease.

First, I start by gathering supplies. I use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda with a small brush for scrubbing the solution into the grout. Like I said before, it only costs about four dollars for all of the materials. I buy mine at Walmart, but you can go to any local drugstore or grocery store to buy yours.

Then I start by pouring the hydrogen peroxide onto the surface and swishing it into the grout with my brush. Once I'm done with that, I sprinkle the baking soda on the tile grout, causing a bleaching effect without the danger of any toxic, harmful chemicals. Now here's where the good ole' fashion elbow grease comes into play. I usually start in one corner of my bathroom and work my way backwards until I'm done.

Next, I use my broom to clean up the rest of the baking soda laying on the floor. Finally, I hand wash the rest of the areas that I just cleaned. That's by far the easiest and cheapest way to clean the tile grout in your bathroom. For any questions on cleaning tile grout in bathrooms in West Islip, NY or to get a quote on getting your bathroom professionally cleaned, give us a call at 630-219-9964,

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